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-Maya Angelou

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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I’m Christy Jackiewicz, the founder of Gardenia Group,

My practice uses evidence-based coaching techniques to help you shape your vision, develop new ideas and improve your performance. Each session builds self-efficacy toward empowering you to make the changes you need to move forward in the areas of focus that are most important to you.

Experience a judgment-free, confidential client-centered service with real results.

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Current Testimonials

Deeply Grateful!I have worked with

Deeply Grateful!

I have worked with Christy over the past year and she is amazing! I initially started working with her to learn to better balance career and family being a working mom of three. I felt like I was losing sight of what I enjoyed doing and who I was. As we started working together, my work life started to explode and the stress was unbearable, all in the midst of COVID and shifts at home. Working with Christy was nothing short of a God send. Christy is insightful, patient, highly professional and clearly talented and empathetic. She used these skills during each session to help me gain/regain perspective and clarity and take control of what I could. I learned more about myself and gained a significant amount of professional insight. Working with Christy I’ve learned skills to care for myself and make the most of tough work environments, even thriving, despite the challenges. She guides you to practical tips while helping you see your strengths and building your confidence to continue to change. I am so very grateful for Christy’s approach and skills and highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Christy!

April 18, 2021

I started working with Christy

I started working with Christy at the beginning of Covid. As a small business owner I was freaked by the prospect of not having any new business. Working with a coach was a new experience for me and I was a little bit of a skeptic, truth be told. Now I am a total believer! Christy listens and in this amazing way helps to guide you to find professional solutions. She is a great sounding board and will help you realize to your fullest potential. My business has picked up since working with Christy and it isn’t a coincidence. Working with Christy has helped me grow both my confidence and my communication skills. I can’t recommend her enough!!!

March 6, 2021

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