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-Maya Angelou

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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I’m Christy Jackiewicz, MBA, PBC

Welcome to Gardenia Group where you will enjoy a personal experience tailored to your specific goals.  Some of my clients affectionately call me Coach Christy because I am not just the owner but I am also the lead coach.   My practice uses evidence based techniques to help clients move forward in both work and life. These sessions build self-efficacy to empower the changes you need to move forward.

Experience a judgement free client centered program with real results.

For questions about these services schedule a free consultation.

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Eva G.

Having Christy as my coach is one of the most revealing and transformational experience I am blessed to have. Coach Christy encompasses all the skills and qualities we all dream of in a coach. She posses professionalism, a keen ability to “hone in” on details and listen to what is not being said. She is very compassionate and empathetic and at the same time honest and forthright in keeping me accountable and on track.

Her laughter and sense of humor brighten my day.  After every coaching session I feel better about myself, hopeful, and joyful. It helps to know that coach Christy; a woman of her caliber, has the patience, insight, compassion, and healing presence to guide and support me in accomplishing my goals. I could not imagine not having coach Christy in my life.

Coach Christy is the DMV areas best-kept secret; though I do not believe for very long.

Lauren P.

Gardenia Group provided an excellent insight into the stressors of my daily life and helped me utilize the building blocks available to me in order to alleviate those unnecessary burdens.

Nicole C.

My sessions with Christy have been amazing. I always looked forward to our talks. She was always on time and ready to do what she does best. Listen fully and then ask some deep questions.

She helped me realize that I could balance my life if I just took time to reflect and be authentic to myself. I enjoyed all my sessions with Christy and I am forever grateful for her.

Rachelle B.

Thank you for making me a priority for the time we had during the coaching process these past few months! Blessings!